June 14-16 2013 Toronto ON Canada

Position Papers

Ann-MarieAnn-Marie Kong

My passions are learning, organizing, teamwork and collaboration; and I am experimenting with inquiry.  I am interested in Leadership Agility, Change and Transition Management, Portfolio and Program Management, Enterprise Agility, Organizational Culture and Agile Transformation.  I look forward to sharing, engaging, collaborating and learning from other Agile practitioners as we evolve on the Agile journey.

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  1. I enjoy the diversity of thought leadership within the agile community and especially at the Agile Coach Camp event. My passions are to help enterprises establish collaborative and meaningful change. I look forward to sharing some thoughts about Agile QA – what is it? why does it exist? And also bringing about change within software development organizations versus IT departments. I am excited to work with everyone to lay down some new foundations of thinking throughout the Agile open.

  2. My name is Ellen and I’m an Agile Coach Camp junkie! I cannot get enough of the enthusiasm and shared experience and connection and fun that happens at these camps.

    In 2013, I’m looking forward to having conversations about Agile testing, and sharing learnings about how to hack organizational culture in order to help Agile teams to survive and thrive. I’m also organizing a session on Games for Remote Teams that will be held in conjunction with Agile Coach Camp Germany that is happening on the same weekend.

    • I’ll second Ellen’s “sharing learnings about how to hack organizational culture in order to help Agile teams to survive and thrive” … I use the phrase “being subversive for the good of the company”. I find in many cases change happens from the bottom up, and key aspect of the mentoring/coaching role is to support the team in hacking the organization, but doing it in a positive way that will be the catalyst for a broader organizational change.

  3. Caroline Sauve said:

    Time for a much needed boost from my fellow Agilistas at Coach Camp!

    I’m a software developer who is passionate about the manifesto and all it’s derivatives… recently gaining more knowledge and practice with Lean and Kanban.

    Looking forward to hearing and learning more about what others are up and happy to share my own experiences in: planning and estimation, putting users or customers first, creating stories for shared understanding… as well as approaches and techniques for creating trust.

  4. Hi there.

    I have a passion in finding ways to allow Agile Values and Principles to exist within a company with an emphasis on communicating those ideas in a way that makes business sense to executives.

    I openly admit that out of the existing frameworks, my favorite today is Scrum (in the right environment).

    I find that by just pointing out some simple business ideas to teams, it can make life with their managers and executives truly enjoyable for everyone.

    I’d love to share and chat about some of them with other members of the Agile community. It seems like I learn one small idea each time we get together that in some way shapes my future thinking. See you there.

  5. Hi all,

    My name is Paul Heidema and have been a coach and trainer for the past 5 years. So much has happened in the Agile world.

    I am mostly fascinated with how we learn and how we can get into a mode of learning where what we did yesterday may not be the best idea now.

    I am also excited about collaboration and working together as fellow coaches and trainers.

    Excited to meet all of you in less than 2 weeks!

  6. Hi

    I’m interested in Agile and its principles because today’s complex business and personal environment requires us to be responsive to change in a disciplined manner, rather than being paralysed by the unknown.

    I heard somewhere that no amount of *clarity* in policies and procedures, generally known as documentation, can encapsulate or address the complexity of today’s environment.

    Finally, since the pace of change is what it is, it is necessary to have a tool-kit of methods and techniques which we coaches can employ in various situations to foster a team environment that achieves results.

    I’m looking forward to learning and sharing from all the attendees at the Camp. See you there.

  7. I’m a young Scrum Master/ Agile Coach(In training) original from the beautiful Caracas, Venezuela, with more than 4 years of experience within the Agile world. Team leading and people coaching are my professional passions. I am interested in coach techniques, change and transition management, organizational culture and agile transformation. I’m looking forward to share, collaborate and learn from you guys as we evolve on the coach camp. Really excited to be there.

  8. I have a number of topics I’d love to discuss. I’ll put them in the form of a “stake in the ground” to stimulate discussion. (Which is to say… I like to learn and promote discussion by saying “here’s my stake in the ground… please tell me why I’m wrong and pull up the stake and put it where you think it should be”)
    1. For most projects, I don’t believe 1 week sprints are possible… teams that are doing 1 week sprints successfully must really be doing something like ScrumBan… with individual User Stories taking longer than 1 week. [and there is nothing wrong with this, I think its a great way to go]. For most reasonable sized User Stories, there is simply not enough time in the 4.5 days a 1 week sprint offers to get a full customer-visible slice of business value fully “done done”. Personally, I’ve never actually seen teams be successful at 2 week sprints, but I believe it to be possible. I’d love to learn more about how to coach teams to be fully successful doing 2 week sprints, or at least shortening their sprint lengths without sacrificing quality or making stories so small then start losing business value.
    2. In product development (as opposed to developing software for internal corporate use, or other forms of custom development), there are good practical business reasons for using a phase gate top level process, and for why the business wants a rough commitment up front on the budget, delivery date, and functionality of a product release. There is a finesse to fitting an incremental process like Agile under a corporation’s top-level product development process with annual budgets, product roadmaps, and release commitments. I’d love to discuss this topic and the techniques people use to manage the interface and the sometimes tension that occurs.
    3. Capers Jones recently published a couple of good articles in InfoQ comparing Agile methodologies to other methodologies ( http://www.infoq.com/articles/evaluating-agile-software-methodologies http://www.infoq.com/articles/Jones-measuring-agile-adoption) I’m a big fan of data and being “evidence-based”, and I have a ton of respect for Capers Jones. I believe his data, and his findings that most Agile projects have quality problems. Without going into details, I have an hypothesis as to why this is, and I’d like to discuss it. I’d also like to discuss what we as Agile practitioners and coaches should be doing about it.
    3b. How do you promote S/W Quality practices to scrum teams? I personally find that the majority of developers lack discipline around things like Code Inspections, and Designer Automated Testing/TDD … it can be tough to break bad habits and develop good ones, even when the evidence for a practice (or habit) is overwhelming. The industry evidence for design reviews, careful, disciplined Code Inspections, and Design Automated Testing is overwhelming… they are “must do”, and actually at the core of Agile practices. Why is it so damm hard to get designers to adopt them fully?
    5. Education … In my experience our universities are not teaching proper S/W Engineering practices in the S/W Engineering and Computer Science curriculum. These days a new grad should be fully up to speed in Agile processes (at least Scrum and Kanban), Code Inspections, TDD, Static Analysis, how to use tools like Sonar to manage Code Quality and Technical Debt, etc … But I don’t see it happening. Should we be developing much stronger relationships with our educational institutions and promoting the development of these skills in our undergrad curriculum?

  9. Hi, I’m Glenn Waters, an Agile coach based in Ottawa. I’m passionate about helping people have more fun at work, or said another way, make the world of software development suck less 🙂

    I enjoy coach camp as it is a way to reenergize my batteries in a fun, learning, sharing, playful, and open environment. I enjoy playing games to learn and hoping that other people have some games to share!

    Oh yah, I’m bringing Werewolf… get ready to howl!

  10. It’s been a few years since I was last at Agile Coach Camp Canada. I’m somewhat isolated up in Sault Ste. Marie so I’m looking forward most to re-connecting with familiar faces and engaging with new ones!

    I’ve been doing a lot with Personal Kanban as a way to manage life, both personally with myself and family, and with clients. I find it’s an effective way to introduce Agile thinking/practices in organizations. I’m about to launch an online course in Personal Kanban, currently it’s in private beta.

    I also started Gangplank Sault, a collaborative workspace/community to bring Agile culture to the wider community. http://sault.gangplankhq.com.

    Looking forward to lots of fun. See you there!

  11. I’m Mike Bowler and I’ve been involved with Agile since 2000, starting with XP and moving into Scrum, lean etc. I came originally from a technical background and still help teams with the technical practices (TDD, refactoring, continuous delivery etc) in addition to more traditional Agile (process and people) coaching.

    I’m always interested in new approaches for old problems and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on the weekend.

  12. Last year, I was at Agile Coach Camp Canada as a curious tag-along spouse. Five minutes in, I knew I had found my tribe. There’s nothing like change, conversation, coaching and “people before process” together in one amazing community.

    My professional specialty and personal interest is interpersonal communication. I help you talk so people listen and listen so people talk. My goal is to create better workplaces – one conversation at a time.

    I’m fascinated by the behaviour of people in groups and on teams. I’ve witnessed and studied many corporate change initiatives, some that flowed and some that flopped. I know the difference was often the quality of the conversation. It’s the most powerful tool we have.

    I’m also a professional coach and a former instructor at a coaching school. My current project is to help agile coaches learn the techniques and develop the competencies the coach certifying bodies have determined are essential for great coaching.

    I’m looking forward to listening, learning and sharing with you this weekend.

    Sue Johnston, It’s Understood Communication, Waterloo, Ontario

  13. Olivier Gourment (@ogourment) Lean/Agile Coach, currently at TD Insurance

    Coming to hear others’ experiences about mature Kanban teams’ emergent properties, striving in a Waterfall but rather successful organization, discuss recent readings (Drive, TF&S, the Checklist Manifesto, Product Development Flow…) and applications.

    I have a “technical” (as in: can teach TDD and refactoring using pair programming) foot and a manager foot. Believe it or not, it took me 25+ years in the field to understand and explain why you walk much better with two feet. These days, I love to explain how as a people programmer, I successfully troubleshooted dysfunctional teams. And why Agile engineering practices matter in a sustainable Lean Startup environment.

  14. Late to the party! This is my first Agile Coach Camp and I’m excited to renew some old acquaintances and make some new ones!

    Like many of you, I have a passion for helping people uncover better ways to develop software by doing it myself, and along the way I’ve had my convictions challenged – some have eroded as dogma, some have been reinforced as the right thing to do. Always, I’m looking to challenge myself so that I can give my customers more and more value as a trusted agile coach and advisor.

    My plan is to listen, but that was also my plan at Agile Open Toronto in April, then I did a topic on #NoEstimates and things got out of hand. 😉 I’m hoping to share a game/big experiment with you to help uncover some deeper insights along these lines… Interested?

  15. I would like to get more deeper knowledge in Agile methodologies from well experienced attendees. Also, I would like to discuss with experienced people in project management about PM certifications and where to start. Looking forward…

  16. I’m co-founder of a web startup using Agile methods to build our product. I’m also subcontracting to an organizational development consultancy, and we are looking at applying Lean and Agile principles outside the realm of software development. We are looking at any kind of effort to attain goals, really – and how individuals and teams in organizations can apply Lean and Agile tools to help them reach their goals.

    We are also including what we’ve called “contextual” productivity systems (e.g. Getting Things Done, Total Relaxed Organization) as part of our whole goal attainment package. So I am always looking at Lean and Agile practices through a lens that includes those productivity systems as well. To me, they are all fundamentally similar, and rely on some of the same strategies. That is something I can throw up for conversation if there is an interest.

    I am also starting to do some work for a software development company, and my role will be in part to coach clients on the Agile methods this company uses. So between my three Agile-centric work foci, I’m sure that I will find value in essentially anything and everything that goes down at ACCCA. I’m really looking forward to it.

  17. ocbermudez said:

    I am Omar, an agile lover and practitioner. Today, I am working as SM/Agile coach at Seedbox. I am always interested in learn how others resolve issues, I would like to share my way of doing it, and learn from this exchange.
    I hope to get to know new colleagues and exchanges ideas. My interest are leadership, kanban, lean, scrum and the different ways to apply depending of each situation. I really want to listen other’s experiences, challenges and point of view.
    See all there!!!

  18. Can I give a ditto? 😉 I resonate with many of the thoughts shared above.

    I have a passion for all things Testing, which means I am interested in the creation of all things and how people can do that well and efficiently. While I am always happy to engage in discussions on Quality, Testing, and how people can work together well to do cool things, I am currently interested in learning about scaling both myself as a coach to work with many teams at once, and how Agile frameworks scale to enterprise size.

  19. Maria Kouras said:

    I have been working in a truly Agile environment for only about two years, and really getting more involved in its practices for less than a year, so I am still a newbie to the whole thing. In this short period of time I’ve seen the many benefits and challenges that a team building enterprise software can face when using Agile practices. All the usual pain-point suspects can be mentioned: estimations, planning, story breakdowns and sizing, tracking, etc. So I am really interested in learning from the experiences of others, and in getting exposed to the new (and old) ideas in the field to see how they could be applied to help my team improve and succeed.

    From a more personal standpoint, I like to think that Agile is more of a way of thinking than a prescriptive process. And so I am also curious about how people use its tools and methodologies to improve their work or life experiences.

  20. Justin Reyna said:

    I have been working in an Agile environment for the last 4 years and have been a ScrumMaster for the last year and half. I have recently taken the lead Agile Coach position for my company. We’re in the middle of a massive transformation, going from 5 Scrum teams to 85 by the time we’re finished!

    Since I’m still very new to the coaching community I’d like to learn as much as possible about how to improve team dynamics, scaling agile across a large enterprise, and overcoming roadblocks within an organization. This is my first camp and I’m very excited to learn everything I can from the group!

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