June 14-16 2013 Toronto ON Canada

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Ann-MarieAnn-Marie Kong

My passions are learning, organizing, teamwork and collaboration; and I am experimenting with inquiry.  I am interested in Leadership Agility, Change and Transition Management, Portfolio and Program Management, Enterprise Agility, Organizational Culture and Agile Transformation.  I look forward to sharing, engaging, collaborating and learning from other Agile practitioners as we evolve on the Agile journey.

FAQ: Why is there a fee to attend ACCCA this year?

We’d love to keep ACCCA free for attendees, but the financial reality is that in order to make the event happen this year, we need to ask participants to help cover some of the costs.  We are seeking (and getting) sponsorship from many supporters, but given the time available and the budget necessary to host an event in downtown Toronto, this year we need participants to help cover some of the cost.

Agile Coach Camp Canada is a non-profit event organized entirely by volunteers, though as we are not a registered non-profit organization, we aren’t eligible to benefit from some of the rate reductions or access to facilities offered to registered non-profits, and cannot issue tax receipts for donations.  We would like to explore becoming a registered non-profit – if you have any expertise in this area and could help, drop us a note.

Registration opens this week

We expect to open registration on Friday May 3.  Watch here or the tweets from @accto13 to stay updated.

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